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“Adorable, diminutive abode with everything you need to enjoy The Holy City to its’ fullest. Fully furnished and nicely appointed with a full-bath, kitchenette and laundry on premises.

Your charming home away from home is located in a wonderful, safe, eclectic neighborhood just moments from all of the attractions which have earned our city the label of ‘Best in the world’ according to Conde Nast readers!

This jewel of a home is tucked back in a private part of our garden affording peace and quiet as well as ample privacy.¬†Park in your designated off-street parking space and follow the path past hydrangeas and wisteria to our sweet little house!” (Source)

Get more info and book your stay if you want to here.

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  1. It’s very cute.

    I’m not sure about the sleeping loft that doesn’t go right the way across & has no kind of safety rail, though (being open on one side is one thing, but two sides…I’d be scared to move lol). I can see why it doesn’t go the full width – to allow for the big kitchen window – but it could’ve had railings across the edge running from the loft floor up to the roof, that way it’d be safe but still let the light in from the kitchen window below. And I probably would have put a sofa (that folds out into a bed) rather than the 2 chairs. I like how the door on the side of the building creates almost naturally divided space with the kitchen/bath & loft on the left & the living room on the right. (I’m not a fan of the ‘crazy angle’ photography though, really, there’s no need for that, it just gives me a headache & crick in my neck).

    I could stay in there for a week or 2, but it’d need that sofa/murphybed as there’s no way I’d be able to get up on the loft (and if I did then that big planter is an accident waiting to happen).

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