Charming Little Blue Cottage

Charming Little Blue Cottage

I thought you might also enjoy this charming little blue cottage.

Classic, isn’t it?

I’d love to see more small homes like this one being built and even communities of them being developed as well.

How about you?

Would you live simply in a little cottage like this one over a tiny house on wheels?


Photo by: Michael Kumm

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  1. Alex: I don’t know what part of the U.S. you are located in but in the Midwest, “charmer’s” like this are EVERYWHERE!!! I must pass a couple hundred thousand of them each time I travel 80/94 from Michigan to Chicago.

  2. Would love to know the square footage. I’m a little claustrophobic in the winter time. About 800 sq ft suits me better than 160. Used to live in a 900 sq ft mobile home & loved it. Wish I was back there… 🙂

  3. I love cottages and small homes, please keep posting! My ideal would be a small house on a small plot of land over a tiny house. However, necessity may dictate a tiny house and of course you can move a tiny house. A small home still has less impact than hugh houses.

  4. I do not need nor want wheels under my tiny house. I fell in love with the 2 story $20000 Auburn University house but lost the link. It this “charmer” is comparable in size to the Auburn U project, I would like to see more of it. After purchase and/or building, I will not “see” the beautiful exterior again. My idea of a home is what I see on the inside. Where I cook, shower, sleep, lounge, read, and walk to and from piques my interest much more than a beautiful exterior.

  5. When I was a kid growing up, my Dad bought a tiny house for $18.5. In today’s market that said same house is appraised at 1.3 MILLION dollars (because they took a nearby lake and made some kind of fishing/boating resort out of it.) I can’t even live in the house I grew up in. I have great concerns that today’s affordable house is tomorrow’s out-of-reach home. At some point We the People need to throw the brakes on. Love this house, though; very quaint with the happy colors!

  6. Gee I have to relocate to the US as if like for like price V area were to be all there was to it seeing as I live smack bang in the middle of “the outdoors capital of the UK” being a heavy UK (Scottish) tourist route making any property majority expensive let alone impossible to be able to achieve NOT withstanding the many trillions of acres of UNUSED land, where as they would far rather ram us into council (government supplied social housing) estates all be it in close proximity and sight of Ben Nevis and The Caledonian Canal it would be just so so much nicer, healthier, and conducive to better neighbours and neighbourhoods had the UK & particularly Scottish planning dept would allow such developments even under short term temp permits much like what they already do for the “Travelling” fraternity except that they supply a chalet with toilet shower and washing facilities in on each plot in that case where it might be handy for some designs to have this, some like my design wouldn’t happy to utilise a composting unit as I would require as much land for being semi self sufficient as would be at all possible, we also need space for our car and two dogs, (as I’m disabled and unable to walk very far)
    I therefore live in hope & trust that one day in the not to near future we may be allowed to do so on land that’s affordable as at present land is price prohibitive also, the CRAZY part is we live currently in a three bedroom specifically designed disabled bungalow of which there are very few throughout these areas without them requiring to be used to house just two adults (in our case) where this is a two adult/3 kids a size of property for which there is massive demand countrywide (in some areas up to a 10 yr waiting list if your lucky).
    Thus we find it amazing that central gov will not hear us out, attempt to help both us and those like us who want to supply our own properties but we are being priced out by greedy (and absent) landlords who have been allowed to charge totally exorbitant costs for what is available (which is, a minute amount of the total hectares available particularly in the far N of Scotland).
    I live on in hope and just trust I have enough years left in me to be able to see my dream and be able to make some sort of worthwhile use from it at the end of the day.
    Happy to discuss, join up with, support or otherwise lobby for UK/Scottish laws to change to allow us to do so without all the current beurocracy that’s currently involved, or and more of a help would be to put up serviced lands that we could then rent out to place our designs on with-in certain constraints as I for one want a decent standard and type of area, or better still odd small pockets of land that would allow current crafters say to make more yearly funds by supplying a small corner of their crofts that may not be useable for anything else as is common, thus helping those like myself that in truth want out the rat-race, want and still am desperately seeking peace & quiet to be able to best manage my various lifelong medical conditions which here 40 homes that contain in excess of 60 school age kids, who have not a lot to do, nowhere to go is it any wonder they play in the street just our luck outside our home as we have the dead end culdesac at ours 😉 not there fault I agree but a common issue countrywide that could so easily be sorted out by sympathetic planning applications that simply just doesn’t happen but should it do so the change in thus in-coming residents to many small and scarcely populated areas, that would support local communities where it’s not currently viable in many of these areas now.
    Cella vie one day maybe 🙂

    Yours Heiland Dougie 🙂

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