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“Dakota Tiny Houses are scaled versions of regular houses, on trailers. These units are professionally built following all proper building codes ANSI A119.5 and NFPA 1192, using licensed sub-contractors, and “Building Inspections” at every stage. Dakota Tiny Houses believes you deserve a quality built tiny house with durability, longevity, and efficiency in mind. We are by far the best value with superior craftsmanship among other tiny house builders.” (Source)

  • Radiant floor heating
  • 8,000 BTU air conditioner (rated 2x bigger than our houses)
  • Solar – 1180 watts of solar panels with 1600W Pure Sine wave Inverter/Charger, charge controller and monitor
  • No Over-sized Permits Necessary (every state) for height, width, and length restrictions. (13.5 Height, 8.5 Width, 30′ Length)
  • 50″ Samsung LED SmartTV Flatscreen(living room)
  • 9′ vaulted ceilings with rough sawn cedar beam
  • HRV (heat recovery ventilator) keeps the humidity down to 30-40% relative humidity
  • 100 gallon Fresh water holding tank
  • 100 gallon Grey water holding tank
  • 50 gallon Black water holding tank

More specifications, descriptions and details are available at the original listing here.

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  1. Prices are out of control and you can leave out the flat screen TV! seriously! adding bling to warrant this price may fool some. Seems to be 2 client types for leaving a tiny footprint and living within your means I guess. I’m becoming very disillusioned with this sorry. Just when you think there is an answer, it becomes all about the money and this isn’t chump change you are asking for.

    1. It is not stupid the one asking, the stupid is the one who gives the money. And as you know: “A sucker is born every second”. Anyway, keep an open mind and a closed wallet and you’ll be just fine!

  2. Well, it looks like Prius: ugly and overpriced. Oh, excuse me (I must be politically correct): odd-looking, not that it’s anything wrong with that!
    And at $65k, makes the $37,000 tiny house presented here the other day look like a bargain! It will be perfect for the backyard of a 4500 sq.ft. house, next to the 4-cars garage, the 500 sq.ft. garden tools shed. It will be the perfect retreat to go figure how to refinance the second mortgage, to pay kids’ college fees, to get the 2014 model of … gas-guzzler 4×4 – you know, live the American dream! (with all its darker tones!)

  3. Ya’ll seem to be right on track. Not that good looking and way over priced. Please get real with the houses, being shown, this is getting a bit unbelievable.

  4. Can buy a 2 bed house where I live for that price (with garden), it’s insane! and a 50″ tv…seriously? You can’t even sit far enough away to watch it properly – you’d be like 6′ away from it! Talk about square eyed. The only thing this house has going for it is the separate bedroom set up. But really, you could buy 2 ready built THs for this price, or maybe fund 4 to build from scratch, they wouldn’t be as long, but that’s ok too.

  5. Yes, that couch is hideous. Tacky. Cannot account for taste, for sure. I am one of those people who despises granite counters and fancy TV’s, my own thing. It just seems so over kill for such a small place, you know? Yes, 65k is insane. But so are RV’s and Trailers that often cost almost that much. It might serve certain people to pay 30k or more for something slightly less overdone (a more realistic version of this model) because the location they live in would require this much down on a 400k home…

  6. The shell sounds sturdy, and I like the R factor, good for northern climates. Not enough windows to keep the winter blues away if you live in the north tho’. I really like that it comes solar powered (for an extra $6,000), but my favorite feature is the radiant floor heating – no dust or fumes and takes up no extra space. As for the hopped up price for all those outrageous interior extras – strip it! Don’t need fancy glass tile – hate the ugly sofa, too many cabinets, too co ordinated, why would any one want a 50″ tv in a tiny house? A laptop screen will stream everything you want to watch, and does double duty!

    I would much rather have a more simplistic interior from recycling as much old well built furniture from the 1800’s as I can – it ‘s amazing what you can do with imagination and paint.

    What is the point of using low VOC paints if you are going to put in vinyl strip flooring that is full of off gassing products? and how does the glue in that stand up to the under floor heat after time? or does it start to lift? or does it just off gas more?

    The price – I know he’s put in a lot of work, but really, it’s like gilding the lilly, most people who want tiny houses are looking for a simpler life with less outlay, less footprint, cast off those “better than the neighbors” way of thinking.

    All I can see this as good for, is a contractor who has to travel away from his mansion for work, no hobbies, no appreciation of the outdoors, all he wants to do is watch sports and movies and drink beer in his spare time, oh, and invite a couple of buddies over to show off his ‘tiny home with the huge flatscreen and huge kitchen” I mean really people – priorities!

  7. This looks great and the quality shows. Many good, costly, features. With that said I am saddened to see a trend lately of tiny houses turning into just another price driven industry. Only size is separating this from the traditional housing industry. I think before long you’ll see tiny house parks like the current mobile home parks and along with that comes high monthly space rent and other associated fees. Now I see advertised that they can be registered, financed, and insured as an RV. Just another long term mortgage and ongoing debt. Commercialism… The drive for profit.
    This doesn’t seem to me to be the reason most people have been attracted to the tiny house movement. Before long catering to owner/builders will give way to mass marketing of ready to go units… Just call your local broker! Just say’n.

  8. Ouch Man.

    I’m just here to provide a tiny house building service to those who cannot build one themselves. The cost is reflective of the high quality materials, using licensed subcontractors, actually manufacturing them inside a zoned commercial building (not in someone’s backyard), liability insurance, general contractor’s, manufacturing license, and payroll for quality workers (not flakey beer drinking buddies). It’s amazing to me that people would much rather risk the personal health and safety of themselves and everybody else, just to save a buck. It’s not about the money to me, its about providing a product that was built by someone who knows what they are doing. This is the “cost of doing business”. That old saying keeps coming to mind, “You get what you pay for”.

    I’m afraid for people’s safety. If you want to build a tiny house for yourself, that’s fine. But once you decide to build one for someone else, it changes the “whole ballgame”. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be held liable for endangering someone else’s life. Do you know the RV code? The Park Model code? The IBC code for structural building, installing electrical, running plumbing and gas lines? Probably not. I’ve seen the many tiny houses out there, and I can point out what’s wrong with just about everyone of them. Folks, this is why we have professional “regular house” builders. There’s codes, laws, licenses, and insurances that you need before you can even think about building a regular house. Why would you think it’s different with a “tiny house”. Why? Just because you think you can sneak it under the radar of local building officials. That’s not safe.

    As far as the furniture and appliances that I have in this unit, of course you don’t have to have them in there. These are custom built tiny houses. You decide if you want a 50″ TV, or a 32″ TV or just leave it blank for you favorite picture. It’s up to you, not me. I’ve just put in all the upgrades imaginable so you can see what you can have, if you wanted them. If you’re a minimalist, then by all means, don’t have me build it with all that stuff. Like I said I’ve built one of the biggest, nicest, and most efficient tiny houses out there. Maybe some of you should re-read the amenities list and my qualifications so you understand why my price is not comparable to the average “home-jobber” tiny house.

    If you don’t want to pay the price, make it yourself. For those who want a quality built tiny house, give me a call and I can build you the best. Thanks for your guy’s input.

    Dan Rock
    Owner, Dakota Tiny Houses

  9. Yes, this is the deluxe model, with all of the bells and whistles (except the solar package which bumps the price to $75K). It’s intended for those who need sub zero rated mobile housing, so there’s a lot more to it than a standard RV. That is reflected in the price.

    There are less expensive options, but this is the show room model for a portable home designed for year ’round living in subzero areas.

  10. Personally I feel this is a high quality product. I adore the back bedroom/no loft, since I am getting to old to climb up ladders. I could move in it tomorrow because it has everything I would need to start my tiny home life. And having a solar package is something I would snap up.

    The first thing that caught my eye was the unique porch, then the “real life I will use often” interior products. And the best of all, it being done by professionals. When I first looked into tiny homes, I was unaware of the RV, Park Model and IBC code necessities.I have been researching for three years now, and not all builders put in as much as Dakota Tiny Homes lists in their builds. Oh my gosh, the labor hours involved in building one of these, I cannot image.

    It is my goal to downsize when I retire, and I am looking at who will be building my tiny home. Dakota Tiny Homes is one of my top 3 choices after all my years of researching. And remember folks, your tiny home dream can be opposite of what a builder posts pictures of. Those pictures are not of your build. But those pictures give me an idea of what will fit where in that particular model.

    When you are able to have your’s built, that is when you should get energized about the floor plan and the products used, what you do and don’t want. I can’t wait until it is finally my turn, no matter what builder I use!

  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what a product will cost will be determined by what the buyer wants to pay for it; so even if this is the ugliest thing ever put on two wheels and it didn’t cost him more than two bits to build if a blind rich guy with enough connections to allow him to bypass the city codes comes along and wants to pay ¾ of 100,000 dollars for this monstrosity so he can live in it full time then it will happen without no one batting so much as an eyelid.

    What this is, is an exercise in direction. We all know that there is a growing interest in buying a tiny home but what we don’t know is who are these growing number of people that want to buy them? Are they RVers who keep their RV at home more often than not and would love to be able to put it to other uses or are they people who love their 4,000 square foot home and need something small with the same amenities for their guests or for their in-laws.

    The traditional tiny home owner has been college age Millennial’s looking for quality, location and savings. The other traditional group has been folks looking for alternatives to the fixed 30 year mortgage they can’t afford. And more recently is the group seeking to put one in their back yard as an accessory dwelling that bypasses codes and allows for an extra source of income. If more people are latching on to the idea of a studio on wheels even though they are illegal as permanent dwellings then we have to wonder who are these people and what are their motives?

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