Eddie’s Van Dwelling Rig: Before & After


“Before” image, below:


Cozy little interior 🙂


Storage below the bed:



Toilet and a little refrigerator for food storage:



“It’s been more than three years that I’ve been enjoying my van in every possible way; I’ve lived in it, I’ve partied around it, I’ve camped with it, I’ve transported massive amounts of people in it, I’ve travelled with it, and much more. Most importantly, it’s taught me a lot about self-sufficiency, continuous learning, and the importance of minimalism.” (source)

“As far as aesthetics go,  I felt obligated to sexify the van up a bit – especially since I’ve gotten pretty sick of the “creepy van” perception over the past couple of years – frankly, it gets pretty tiring to always have people’s first impressions be a negative one. I am aware that this exterior modifications are not on the minimalist list, however I consider my van an investment.  On the exterior I got the van painted with a full black glossy coat, upgraded the wheels to four gloss black/chrome XD Series Hoss’s, and put on four brand Firestone Destination tires. Basically, the van went from looking creepy/dangerous, to 100% hardcore/awesome.” (source)

Check out Eddie’s blog, Mobile Technology and Van-Dwelling here.

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  1. The slide-out storage system does look very handy and efficient, but be ware the OSB board can become a dangerous kidney smashing projectile when the van is rear ended…

    Regards, Sander

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