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I have built several tiny houses on trailers and I have now built what is, to the best of my research, the first English Shepherds Hut in America. These Huts have become wildly popular in England in recent years and have all types of uses including: guest house, spare bedroom, personal retreat, special work space for writers, artists, therapists, etc, plus all kind of business uses like food service, dry goods store or information center.

The exterior is 7′.5 wide and 14′ long and the interior is 83″ wide by 13 ft long. The interior has been left unfinished so it can be truly personalized to the new owners needs. I can finish it for any type of personal or business use or you can complete it yourself. The hut has custom high end metal wheels and a classic turntable steering system and tow bar. This Hut has a Dutch door, also
known as stable door and four insulated glass double hung Pella windows. The roof is a metal rustic copper style. The price is $12,500. Please contact Bill 303 532 8730 or [email protected]

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  1. Little disappointed. Those are nice pics but it looks like a garden shed on wheels. What makes it a shepherd’s hut and any different than another tiny house on wheels? I’d like to see the living accomodations. Its a handsome little hut.

  2. I too am a little let down. Some tiny house on wheels shells sell for this much and tires hold up better on the highway ;p

    1. To better understand what a Shepherds Hut is and what it not ,would be to do a simple
      Google search for Shepherds Hut. There you will see images [ all in England ] of different
      ways they have been configured. Instead of a take it or leave it interior you can decide
      what you want for : flooring,wall and ceiling coverings, single bed , queen bed, bunk beds
      wood stove, bathroom or finish it out for business use. Shepherds Hut are not designed to
      be used on the highway as they are transported on a trailer to your property and then can
      be moved around at low speed. The hand built metal wheels are integral to classic design of the Huts from the 1800s

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