Epic 30′ Tiny House on Pontoons with Upstairs Deck


Image: Contrabandbayou/Flickr

“This 30-foot houseboat is nearing completion. It is being built at a small factory in Louisiana, along with a handful of other houseboats.” (source)

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  1. Interesting though since most costs are by the foot I’d go shorter without the porch and use the top deck.

    Lots of room and great high deck space easily used as a trailer too giving so many cool living options. Done well you could go 20-40 miles/day on solar which is very cheap now.

    Another if you are going to load a TH on pontoons don’t do round ones as easily overloaded with little reserve buoyancy. Get square/rectangle ones with 200% total buoyancy/hull of the boat’s weight with 4+ compartments/hull to be safe from everyone rushing to one side of the boat or a leak if left in the water, etc.

  2. wouldn’t a third pontoon through the middle take care of that lopsided thing?:) I think this is great hope we get to see the inside @ completion. ty for sharing it.

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