Fahti 600 Funky Little Travel Trailer


Photo Credit Unknown

Check out this funky and lightweight travel trailer. I’m pretty sure it is made out of fiberglass which means that it may be possible to tow this with even the lightest of vehicles.

It would be nice to have when going on a trip somewhere, instead of booking a hotel you could set out somewhere safe and cozy and enjoy your vacation in nature.

Not the type of shelter you would want to live out of because I don’t think there’s enough space for that, but it certainly does the trick for vacationing. I mean, I guess if you were super minimalist you could live here. But that’s a little extreme for me these days.

Gotta love the design too… so what would you use this trailer for? If it were up to me, I’d most likely turn it into an office with a sweet view. 🙂

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