Fairy Tale Cottage & Ideas for a Spacious Community of Tiny Houses

Fairytale House

I just had to share this picture of this tiny fairy tale cottage. I love how it looks like a traditional cottage. It’s just a lot smaller than most.

I would guess that it’s around 150 square feet or less. What would you say?

I also like how there is plenty of open space and landscape around the house. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a tiny house community like this?

Where there is plenty of space and landscape between houses? And, of course, the homes don’t have to be this tiny. They can be a little bit larger, too.

I come across many more unique little houses that I will be sharing with you everyday, so stay tuned for more and get our tiny house updates via email right here.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this little one, Alex! If you can secure more exterior photos of the place, and especially INTERIOR photos, I know we’d all love to see them! Thanks!

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