Fairy Tale Gingerbread Tiny Cob House


Check out this cob structure I found on Airbnb.

Welcome to the Gingerbread House which is located in Geyserville, California.

Built out of pallets set upright and filled with straw for insulation.  This tiny house is covered in Earth from the property. A truly unique cob structure that not only looks cozy on the inside but the outside as well.

This small space sleeps two people downstairs and one person in the loft. With a wood burning stove outside you can enjoy cooking in the great outdoors. Plus the river is also only a 10 minute walk away.

Nestled inside the Iris Oasis Retreat Center the Gingerbread House is not the only funky house around. There is a Hobbit Hut, small zoo of exotic animals, a common pool and hot tub area, a outdoor fire pit for gathering and a large meet up center for parties. The entire property is custom decorated and worth a look around.

Check out this rare gem and view more photos here.

To book your stay in this amazing Gingerbread House and feel like a kid again click HERE!

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  1. I strongly suggest clicking on the links to learn more about this tiny house AND the settings it’s located in! Simply amazing! I’d stay here in a heartbeat…Geyserville, Ca. Sounds like an awesome place. 🙂

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