Floating Circular Small House with Wrap Around Deck

Floating Circular Small House

Photo Credit Unknown

I’m having a hard time deciding whether this floating circular house is small or tiny.

It’s so modern and beautiful. From the wrap around deck to the wrap around balcony!

It would be such a pleasure to be in this house, wouldn’t you think? Unless you get sea sick easily.

But even if it weren’t on water, wouldn’t this be great out in the woods, by the ocean, or even in the mountains?

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  1. Really nice but only for very sheltered waters. The water it’s shown on in a storm can generate waves that would wash over and sink it. Plus it would rock rather hard, jerky in even smaller waves.

    If keeping it round it would need 3′ of freeboard at least and would still be uncomfortable in storm waves the pic shows would happen. Boats should have point/s that pivot into the wind even if the house on it is round or stay in very calm water.

  2. @ Jerryd I agree. Round is not a good shape for anything on water, let alone a beautiful, modern tiny house. I could see me living in this neat tiny house….but on land.

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