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Genius Kitchen Design

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  1. I lived in the old part of Edinburgh, Scotland, for a while (paradoxically called “the New Town”). My buddy lived in a 300-year old flat. This was exactly what was over his sink. If you look closely, you’ll see the shelf above the dishes is just a bunch of rods – this means you can put wet mugs above the dishes and they’ll drain dry too. No need to re-invent something that works so well…

    When I moved into my new(er) house (only 100 years old) I rigged up an IKEA shelf above my sink to do the same thing. A couple of years later I noticed they actually have a module for their kitchen units designed exactly like this, so you can incorporate this with a kitchen makeover, and have the shelf look designed in.

  2. I would make the door over the dishes longer so it hides the bottoms of the plates from view. Great idea though!

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