Gifford Tiny House by Jay Shafer for Sale just $19k


Photo by Four Lights Houses

I thought you should know that Jay Shafer and his company Four Lights Houses has a variety pack of tiny houses on or off wheels (including the Gifford shown above) that you can purchase and they start at just $18,000.

Granted these are just finished shells which means you would be responsible for finishing the interior. And you can either do this yourself, have a carpenter do it or you can even use Jay Shafer’s tiny house component furniture to finish the interior in any way that you like.

I’ve always thought that would be a fun way to design and build your own little home or cabin. The home can be delivered to you or you can come pick it up where it’s at in New York.

This particular model is 7’x16′ so it’s definitely small enough to fit on a trailer as you can see in the picture but of course you can decide to put it on a normal foundation too.

So anyway- if you’re interested in this Gifford tiny cabin you can learn more over on this page. If you want to use the Gifford plans to build your own you can buy and download those plans here.

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