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I really love these Gypsy Bowtop Caravan designs especially the interior of the one above with the bunk bed which is awesome to have when traveling with family/friends or even just as a backyard retreat/getaway with the option to vacation in.

The man behind these awesome portable caravans is Greg and here’s what he has to say about them:

I make, sell and hire new gypsy caravans built of quality seasoned pine surrounded by insulated and waterproofed tarpaulin which is tightly  tensioned around a poplar tunnel. They are built on brand new Alko caravan chassis.  Alko provides 80% of the worlds caravan chassis and they are very light and fully braked. The bowtop wagon provides a  spacious, fully mobile, easily towable, very stable and head turning wagon.”  -Greg

You can find out about these unique bowtop caravans here.

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  1. I live in a house bus all year round and have had problems with condensation in the past. After some experimentation with different solutions the way to stop any condensation and to keep cool in the summer is to insulate thoroughly. The trick is two layers of bitumen building paper. The first sits on the outside of the frame (between the frame and cladding. The insulation, whether wool or synthetic is then pushed into the gaps in the frame and another layer of bitumen paper is applied over the top. The interior cladding can then be fixed in place. Also don’t screw any thin from the inside to the outside as the metal screws touching the outside with get condensation drips on them as the touch the cold metal outside and warm air on the inside. I have a pot belly fire and the bus keeps so toasty warm and condensation free in winter that we often have to keep the doors and windows open! It can get a little hot in the summer, but the trick is to park somewhere shady and have lots of large opening windows. I would highly recommend living all year round in these kind of vardots, we stay in some truly beautiful places and pay very little for the privilege!!

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