How to Build a DIY Small Cabin on a Budget


I wanted to have a cabin on my property for quite some time now but with the economy, The prices of having one built has more than doubled… So i had to build it myself . Six years ago i bought a 12×16 shed from a well known company by where i live. It cost 2,000.00 for them to build it and drop it off.¬† Now that same building¬† would cost 4200,00 dollars.After i was finished with this building with the door and 3 windows the total amount i spent was 2200.00 dollars.” (Source)

Step 1: Footers and floor joists

Step 2: Drilling and planting posts

Step 3: Setting the center and rafter board

Step 4: Making the angles for the top and bottom of rafters

Step 5: Setting the rafters

Step 6: Adding on a 4 foot porch

Step 7: Side wall

Step 8: Lag bolting the outer joists to the 4×4 poles

Step 9: Hurricane studs

Step 10: Floor joists, insulation and flooring

Step 11: Rough sawn lumber for 8 inch board and batten siding

Step 12: Studding the porch ceiling

Step 13: Studding the front wall and framing door

Step 14: Gable ends

Step 15: Finishing touches

Start from scratch here.

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  1. Even though I have a built-on-site pole building of my own, seeing this one NOT on piers, with what appears to be untreated posts that are not cemented in, makes me cringe. Otherwise, it’s a nice little structure as long as you don’t ever have to get under the floor.

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