How to build a staircase with storage for your tiny house

How to Build a Staircase with Storage for your Tiny Home

How to build a staircase with storage for your tiny house

I thought you would also enjoy this step by step tutorial on how to build a staircase with storage for your tiny home in case you’re a DIYer and will be or are currently building a tiny house for yourself. Andrew Morrison, of Tiny House Build, shows you how step by step.

Head on over to his blog to follow his staircase construction tutorial.

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  1. This is really functional. Baskets or wood boxes with handles and wheels could be used to slide in and out of the cubbies for easy access. The larger cubby looks like it could possibly be used to hang clothing with the addition of a rod. Great picture to inspire new storage ideas.

  2. Hi Tonita. I like your idea of using baskets or boxes to improve access to the space. Our plan is to use the smaller cubbies for our camping gear: tents, sleeping pads, etc. which will slide in and out with ease. The large cubby is actually designed to hold a washer/dryer combo unit and has the necessary power and plumbing for that purpose installed at the back. It could certainly be used as a hanging closet as you suggest instead if that is desired. There are a bunch more photos of the process and the overall staircase in the article if you click over. Enjoy!

  3. “How to build a staircase step by step” is there any other way Alex? 🙂
    They are cool though!
    Keep up the good work. With more people putting more of these tutorials out there the tiny comunity will be better off.

  4. There are lots of ways to build stairs Doc and the one shown in my tutorial is not the most common. The most widely used technique is to use 2×12 stringers on either side of the stairs and down the middle. The stringers are cut to the shape of the stairs with the risers and treads attached directly to the stringers. This does not allow for as much usable space as the system I show, which is why I created the boxes in my tiny home. Hope that helps…

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