How to Design a Space Saving Drawer Under your Sink


I found out about this space saving under the sink drawer idea for your kitchen over on Pinterest and All About You. Then I found the manufacturer of the product which is Blum. They call it the TANDEMBOX Sink Drawer. You can actually order it directly through Amazon right here though.

It’s a drawer that wraps around the sink which is awesome because it uses every available inch of space that’s under there normally goes unused. This allows you to store tiny gadgets and kitchen cleaning materials without having to look at them all the time.

This got me thinking, though, “what other products like this might be available out there?”

And, “can a person who’s handy design and build one of these to custom fit their sink?”

Of course they can! So don’t be shy to show these photos to your carpenter and designer. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is for someone with carpentry experience to create something like this. All they need is the idea.

But for those of you who want something ready made that you can simply order and install I thought I’d do some Amazon research for you so we can see what else is out there. And you can either order one of these directly or use the ideas here to create your own customized version that perfectly fits your design.

Rev-a-Shelf Under Sink Kitchen Storage


More info, reviews and pricing available here. It’s available in a bunch of different sizes like 22″, 13″, 16″, 31″ and 11″.

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