IHop Tiny House


Photo Credit: Molecule Tiny Homes

This is yet another amazing design by Molecule Tiny Homes that recently sold for $50,000.

It is is a solar powered house and the dimensions are 8’x17′.

It also includes a fold up deck you can below that they are known for.

This picture below really illustrates the beauty in their design, wow now this is what I consider to be luxurious interior. (I LOVE the stairs leading up to the loft!)


Nice bathroom as well you can see below.


I encourage you to check out more pics of this awesome tiny house here and consider contacting Molecule Tiny Homes for your potential future little house on wheels because they’re AWESOME at this.

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  1. I had some serious issues with some of Molecule Tiny Home’s earlier work, but their offerings just get better each time. Very cool to see!

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