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Although I absolutely love this house because of it’s uniqueness I had a little trouble sharing it here because I really don’t think it’s small. After all, it’s a 4-bedroom house! But then I thought, alright… For a 4-bedroom house it is small. And I do think there was a lot of thought put into it so I consider it a smart house. And if it’s occupied and used it can still be efficient living so I decided I’d still share it with you and I hope you can appreciate it, too.

“The concept of the house comes from the interaction of the architecture with the trade winds. The blocks of stone protect us from the wind but at the same time they form an alliance with him to create a microclimate. The pumice stone and the open sky surround you. The value of the house lies in the simplicity and austerity of its materials and the layout. The common spaces invite you to get together as much inside as outside. The patio supplies the rooms with fresh air, providing an oasis of tranquillity where a lemon tree will give you shade from the afternoon sun.” (source)

The home is available as a vacation rental so you can find more info and rates here.

What do you like best about this almost indestructible stone home? 

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  1. I think it ~is~ appropriate to include other houses besides strictly tiny houses. In this one, for example, there’s a lot of attention to choice of materials and certain minimalist design details, and these are all things that can be re-interpreted into the smaller scale of a tiny home. I for one love the interplay between stone and wood. The bedrooms shown look a bit cell-like, but still have a certain feeling of security about them.

    After all the images we’ve seen from the Philippines this week though, I certainly wouldn’t consider the roofing or “fly” over the patio to be indestructible however! That thing would be ripped to shreds in a heartbeat.

    1. Hey Keith, thanks, I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you on the bedrooms.. Certainly looks and must feel safe but yeah- a little cell-like. And you’re definitely right about the fly over patio. My thoughts are with those in the Philippines.

  2. I really like this house and love the brick. Because of the color of the brick, I would have put lots of color in the house. The bedroom with the single bed looks like a jail cell. Colorful rugs and throw pillows would help a lot.

    1. Good idea, Sue, it really does need some more of that IMO. Looks safe and all but yeah- a bit too cell-like isn’t good 😀

  3. I am most impressed and enamored by the patio and external features. Over the years, I interviewed thousands of prisoners. It is the definition of “house arrest.” Sorry.

  4. Yikes, Alcatraz on steroids. Nothing is indestructible. Bedrooms remind me of the bomb shelter on my parents farmland many years ago. Home has no character.

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