Jess & Dan’s Tiny Home on Wheels: Couple Living Tiny & Mortgage-Free









Images: Living in a Tiny House

Video Tour of Jess & Dan’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels

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  1. How does her white wall heater work? Neat idea (if it heats) Where would I find such a thing? At what price? would a larger outfit generate greater heat? Several? I assume that it is solar?

    1. You can buy them at or used on E-Bay. I’ve used one in my dining room and it keeps my 3 bed/2 bath house moderately cool in winter without using the big furnace, which I use once in the morning and once at night to keep my water pipes from freezing. I really like mine – I have 6 but use the one – gave 3 away. Cozy Feet flat panels are good to put in bedrooms – keeps it warm at 120 watts.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I’ll post an amazon link to that particular model of eco-heater. It’s a convection heater that is designed to heat an average bedroom. We figured since our entire house is about the size of a bedroom that we’d give it a shot and it’s been working wonderfully. As Jess said in the video we have run into problems once outdoor temps hit anything lower than about 20-25 degrees (F). These are relatively inexpensive (especially compared to a wood stove when referring to initial cost at least). Here is the link:

    Lisa: Thank you so much! We’ve had so much fun! We designed the house completely on our own. We liked a lot of the tiny house blueprints we found online but decided it would be more cost effective (and a lot more fun) if we made it our own.

    Jess and I were relatively new to building/ construction when we started our project so when we bought our trailer in October of 2012 we decided to spend the winter drawing out our design. After 3 months of rewrites and fixes we were ready to start to build. I highly recommend taking your time mapping out what you’re going to do. We were able to move into the house one year (almost to the day) after we thought up this idea and i attribute that to careful planning.

    Lastly, to anyone who is interested in tiny homes, do NOT for ONE SECOND think that you are incapable. There is so much information out there to help you. Take the plunge!

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