Linden 20 Tiny House: 131 Sq Ft of Bliss for Less Than $26k


Linden 20 Tiny Home Interior




I like the converting, space saving table near the entrance.




Sleeping Loft



Storage Loft


Living Area/Entrance



Living the Rich Simple Life in a Tiny Cabin


Air Conditioning in a Tiny Home on a Trailer


In a recent post I covered my list of top 5 air conditioners for tiny houses on trailers that you might be interested in checking out.


If you’re interested in staying in the Linden tiny house for a vacation it’s available as a rental and you can reserve/book online and everything. All the info is right here on this post.

This 131 square feet cabin on wheels costs about $25,380 in materials to build. If you wanted it done for you you should expect to pay upwards of $60,000 for both materials and labor.

The home is 8′ x 20′ and it sits on a 7′ x 20′ trailer with a height of 13′ 5″. You can see more of the dimensions and specifications for this design here.

It’s a fully featured tiny home with:

  • A great room,
  • kitchen,
  • sleeping loft,
  • and bathroom.


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  1. Love the Linden 20…unfortunately, we’re saving our hard-earned money for plans purchase and materials – NOT upgraded computer software so that we can navigate the very unruly and user-UNfriendly website for Tumbleweed Houses. A dozen tries over several days to simply get a look at the Linden’s layout were unsuccessful. Life is way to short to diddle around trying to pry out information. Sorry we couldn’t get in. Interesting our system gets us everywhere else. Can the website gurus take a few minutes and get the bugs out soon? GG

    1. I had the same experience! I eventually got into the site using my IPad – but never could with my pc. Just thought I’d mention that.

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