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The Lobster Pod was created not so much for tiny living but instead for people who work at home and want a backyard studio/office. It was also created for camping and vacation experiences. But even though it wasn’t intended for tiny living, it can definitely be used for it if one wanted to, right? How would you customize this little lobster pod to make it the perfect little house for yourself?

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  1. We need interior pictures to even begin a mental remodeling of this structure for tiny house living. Of course, we could always start with the addition of a full bathroom and some sort of kitchen facilities; these two are the earmarks of a home for sustainable living.

  2. LOL-funny how they Photo-shopped the Lobster Pod in different settings. Sly Devils, to be sure. ~snort~ Would have loved them going the extra mile and showing it on the Moon, on top of a mountain, beneath the sea…with LOBSTERS as neighbors, etc. 😀

    Went to their website to see if with all the self-advertising about the versatility of this unit, if there were interior shots. Nary a single shot…wow…NOT! Very disappointing.

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