Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation Rental for Glamping










Learn more and book your stay in this micro cabin here.

Enjoy the privacy of your own cozy cabin on the grounds of Maitreya Mountain Village, an off-grid sustainable community nestled deep in the heart of Six Rivers National Forest. Your hand-built hut features seasonal propane heat, a comfy double mattress, outdoor composting toilet system, peace and tranquility, and the gurgle of Little Jones Creek lulling you to sleep at night …”

“… From your cabin, you are welcome to wander at will amongst our 160 acres of mostly steep, forested land, and enjoy the streams and waterfalls leading into Little Jones Creek. A stroll down the” driveway” and back along the forestry road is a beautiful hike in itself, where you could easily spend all day in the company of only quiet woodland creatures.” (Source)

Learn more and book your stay in this micro cabin here.

I recently featured a neighboring cabin that’s on this same property that you can also stay in. You might want to check that out here.

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