Micro Kitchen in a Tiny House


More photos of this tiny house (the ProtoHaus) available here.

When you’re limited in space the only logical choice is to get creative and develop a smart design that makes the most out of what you have.

And I think this is a great example of just that. What ideas do you have for your own tiny kitchen?

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  1. Limited to that space it certainly wouldn’t be that stove. Either hot plates or better, electric fry pan and big pot.

    A small convection oven hung from the ceiling is nice, fast and a lot less heat, power. About 10-20% of a standard oven, near instant warmup and 2x’s faster cooking..

    I’d go for a sink and storage with them

    1. That isn’t the whole kitchen. They also have a full sized fridge with freezer, and a long counter with storage and a sink. This tiny house actually has one of the bigger kitchens that I’ve seen, which is one reason why I like it.

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