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This property has a total of 4 of these pre-fab modern cabins on the property. Each has been designed and built with “green” in mind since they wanted to have as little impact as possible on the environment there in Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile.

They call them Eco Cabanas. And each one utilizes solar power and strategic positioning and design to be as sustainable as possible. Each cabin has two bedrooms and is spacious enough to sleep 6 people. Inside you’ll find a full kitchen, dining area, living room, bathrooms and of course the wonderful front porch areas with hammocks to enjoy the outdoors.

I can totally see myself living happily in one of these within a community or all on our own in our own piece of land off the grid especially since they’re just big enough to raise a family in. How about you?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find interior square footage or exterior dimensions information. What would you guess them to be? Please share in the comments along with what you liked most about these modern cabins in Chile.

By the way if you’re interested you can actually try one of these out on your next vacation. Rates are available here. More photos and info here.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Rapa Nui,Easter Island to see the giant Moai’s
    and these would be the the perfect place to stay

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