One Unique Way to Create More Storage in your Tiny House


Image Credit: Mini-Mobile Cottage


Image: Mini-Mobile Cottage <– Check out their blog here

This space in your “extra” loft can be used for storage as well as to creatively house vents for an air conditioning system if you wanted… or, both! I just like how instead of leaving the space open like in most other tiny houses I’ve seen they created a simple and sleek door to cover up whatever you decide to put in there.. Especially if it’s for your air system. But even if it’s for storage, you’d get to make better use of it by closing it in like this. Otherwise it kind of becomes decorative space in my opinion.

Head on over to the Mini-Mobile Cottage blog to learn more about this couple’s tiny house construction project and downsizing journey as it’s really interesting. Also check out their Picasa Photo Album of the entire project here so you can see more photos.

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  1. Proof in the Pudding. For anyone who has thought I blow too much smoke about unsafe trailer hauling, look at this photo and “please”, come back and tell me how “safe this is”. And the reason I harp is because I see more of this than not. I went on their blog, two beautiful intelligent people, like many who embrace this lifestyle and they are heading down the road to total devastation because with all that intelligence, they know squat about hauling a trailer. Figure out your mileage and times it by $2.00, that is what an independent RV hauler should charge you to tow that thing give or take 25 cents (one way, shop around if they want more), he may charge more than mileage if it’s a real short move, possibly an hourly rate but it is not expensive, Note: there are literally hundreds of RV haulers out there running empty in between moves. Is your life not worth that much (If they are charging more, and getting it, I will pull my rig out of mothballs and get back in the business)? Mine sure as hell is and you are travelling on roads I travel on. Ladies, if your husband is going to move your home and you see it sitting like this, refuse to get in the vehicle with him and please, keep your babies out of it. Oh, I am so ready for a critic on this and I have been very polite over the past year or so. You will not see politeness or consideration for anything in my response back if you criticize this advice. Grant you, if in a hurry, I may just ask you to “check your head”. Amen…

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