Pull Out Table for Small Kitchens


I just had to share this pull out table in this really small kitchen. It’s a great idea that any of us can utilize in a tiny house kitchen. In this case it looks like this is a small apartment, studio or flat. Either way it’s a fantastic way to double up on space when it’s limited.

Originally seen here.

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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! I am SO using that idea in the next addition I design!!! Reminds me of my Gran’s Hoosier cabinet; it has the same feature (only smaller) built into the cabinet. THIS is why I am addicted to Alex’s site.

  2. I HIGHLY recommend clicking on SOURCE for many more great small kitchen ideas. The 2nd photo is identical to the kitchenette I had in that 12′ x 12′ studio.

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