Rolling Library Ladders for Tiny House Lofts


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Not everyone is down for sleeping lofts in tiny houses for several reasons.. Some just don’t like the risk. Others just aren’t the agile anymore.

But another use for a ladder is to simply get to those out of reach places in the kitchen as shown above. Or to just access your storage loft and get things in and out of there when needed.

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  1. Since joining Alex’s Tiny House blog, I’ve never understood the under-use of rolling library ladders for access to the loft. Even though I can’t go up ladders any longer, I could always plead-beg-bribe with cookies a more agile friend to clamber up one…if I had one.

    The kitchen and it’s decor is smashing! Love the cut-out under the sink and the charming rug.

  2. Just a note: if you LOVE the shabby-chic look, click on SOURCE. They have a nice article about rolling ladders and two additional shots of cottages/tiny homes utilizing them. The 2nd photo is scrumptious!

  3. It’s cute, but… I’m personally not gonna be interested in ladders. I think they’re find for attics, but for a space that’s to be used actively, no. Sleeping up there, need to use the bathroom? Not gonna want to hit a ladder. Had too much to drink? No ladders! But first and foremost: DOGS do not do well going down ladders! Up, ok, but down? No. Need to explore some interesting designs in compact staircases, which I’ve been doing on my own and haven’t seen any mention of here.

    1. Keith,
      Alex has pinned a half dozen alternatives to ladders recently. Just ask him or go on pinterest . You should have no trouble if you can use Google. Some of them are creative but look dangerous under the scenereos you described. 🙂
      Good luck.

  4. I like counterweighted stairs that stay up against the ceiling when not needed, or some variation on those folding attic stairs.

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