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“Completed in 2010 and located in the up & coming beach town of Seabrook, WA, a 2 hour drive from Seattle, Sea La Vie offers high style living in a compact space. Nestled near the forest and a five minute stroll to the beach, the sounds of the surf will lull you to sleep each evening. The decor is European inspired, with open shelving in the galley kitchen, a comfy zebra upholstered chaise full size sofa sleeper, shaker style four poster bed in the master and an antique Indonesian table for dining and games. Travel up a hand crafted ladder, to the cozy loft where you will find two extra long twin beds, perfect for campers of all ages. 

The galley kitchen is outfitted with all you need to produce a memorable beach meal. The gas fireplace will keep you toasty on those cold windy beach nights and there are an abundance of blankets to snuggle up in. Contemporary lighting allows for fireside reading and if you forget a book there are many books and magazine for you to browse through during your visit. An assortment of games and CD’s are provided and the DVD player will allow you to watch your favorite movies on the 40″ high definition TV. Wireless internet and cable are provided. The smart bathroom features custom tile and shelving, with plenty of space to stow your toiletries.” (Source)

If you’re interested in vacationing in this little cabin you can check availability and book a stay in it here. There are also more photos and information on it there that you can check out.

So cabins like this make me wonder.. Would you rather have a bit of a larger foundation based tiny house or one on wheels instead? For me, I’d rather go with a foundation in a fixed location even though I love the benefit of getting to be able to move your house wherever you’d ever want to go. I just appreciate that little bit of extra space and guess what? It’s still relatively tiny to me at less than 500 square feet!

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  1. I prefer a foundation based tiny (or small) home. But not for the space, so much. I believe there are two kinds of people in the world: one kind can make “home” wherever they go and whatever they live in. I’m the second kind – I can fly, drive, boat, walk or swim anywhere in the world as long as I have my BASE. If I have a stable point to fix on (as you should when you spin) I can do everything else anywhere else I choose. I suppose that’s why tearing up my roots and moving away is so traumatic for me.

  2. Dale I so agree with you. Last year I attempted to go traveling without a base and it was an incredibly stressful experience. I would never do that again. Got to have a home base.

    1. Hey Alex! Only slightly off-topic: Have you ever been seriously tempted to become an expatriot? I have been struggling with my deep roots in Illinois and considering retiring near friends who are native born from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. I get a soul connection there and I’d definitely be able to live tiny in such an expensive but incredibly poor part of Brazil. Got the wanderlust BAD!

  3. I traveled with a fifth wheel and 2 weeks out was stopped in Illinois by police and they tore our home apart looking for drugs or something. We are in our 60’s retired teachers who don’t do drugs. The police say a camper motor home are just like a car that they can search at their will and that a home does not roll down a highway. We heard the same from many other retired couples at camp grounds. We will never give up our fixed home again.

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