Community of Seaside Tiny Houses in Denmark

Small cottages near the seaside, Denmark

What are your thoughts on this tiny cottage community in Denmark? They’re a little closer than I’d like them to be but the general idea I think is a good one.

I also appreciate how some of them have partitions in the patio to make up for the closeness. This adds at least a little bit of extra privacy for each household.

They seem convenient for small families or couples and the patio can be a great outside play area for young children.

I wonder if tiny house communities are more common in places like Denmark and I hope to see more of this all over the world.

They seem to all be designed slightly differently which I like while maintaining a good appearance. I also like how they all have plenty of windows.

Do you think you would enjoy living here? Forgot to mention that according to the photographer, this particular community is in an oceanside location in Denmark. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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  1. I suspect these are beach chalets which are pretty common across Europe (UK especially) & are mostly for day use/vacation breaks at the shore where land with a view is at a premium but a hut to provide shelter from wind and a place to change clothes is pretty essential to enjoy the sea in that climate. We’d call them cabanas in the US.

    They’re not full time residences, in other words, although like the ice shacks in the colder parts of North America, they can get pretty elaborate & quite stylish (google studiomama’s fab chalet designed by Nina Tolstrup & published widely online).

    It’d be pretty miserable to actually live full-time & all year pressed up together with your neighbors like that, I should think.

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