Shantyboat Tiny House

Shantyboat Tiny House

You can be a part of this amazing houseboat project. Click here to learn how.















Help this builder launch his houseboat dream! Click here to learn how.

Photo credits Than Monk/Facebook

He’s launched a campaign to raise money for this tiny houseboat project. Click here to learn how you can help.

Order and download plans to build a tiny boat house similar to this here. (aff)

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  1. I am not really sold on this new format, I mean, where are the rest of the pictures? How do I purchase plans? How do we really get to see the rest of the drawings or prints. The one picture is a let down compaired with what it use to be.

    1. I agree, BK, I’m not on board with this new format. The old one had all the information and pictures. I used to love perusing them. This is not fun; it’s a teaser and you come away from it feeling let down. Let’s table the “Pin” and go back to the Tiny House Drool formatting.

  2. Hey all I was able to find more photos finally so if you reload the page you’ll see more pics, links and info related to this project. Thanks for your patience with me and for those of you who helped research and find where it originated.

    1. Some day, I hope we can have TH Shows; you know, like car and boat shows. And people can bring their THs from all over the country for a week-end of bar-b-ques, hibatches, open house meets and greets and presentations from different builders on new ideas and products offerings. I think this would be a blast. Maybe not just now since the e-con is idling low, but maybe some day.

  3. Cool boat that can be used in many places legally to live in on water or land.

    I’m not that fond of the Pin thing either. Though maybe a message list for easier discussions would be nice.

  4. This is not the first time i have seen this home, but I must say every time I come across it, I have to look the pics over again, and again….! I love it and this coming spring I hope to build some thing along the same lines.. I have had this idea to build some thing like a Edwardian Launch with sleeping berths, a galley, and head with shower around the 50 foot mark in order to keep it small but yet functional… I would love to have it powered by live steam.. Some what Steampunkish but yet elegant… It would look some thing like a cross of a Presidential Train Car , Gypsy Vardo, and Edwardian Launch… This is an idea I have been tinkering around with for a few years now in model scale when I have some time I will post it’s pictures as well as the project if it ever comes to fruition… LoL…! But I do love what he has done with this, It’s fantastic, simple yet functional… best of luck with it…!

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