Small Cabin in Nature: Your Perfect Outdoor Chill Pad


I love this outdoor cabin, perfect to sit back with a couple of friends and enjoy some good conversation while enjoying the great outdoors.

The design inside isn’t too bad neither, take a peak below:


Photo Credit: Sunhouse

I love the huge windows and the hard wood interior. I love the smell of that in a home. And it’s not often I get to be in one!

I don’t know what it is about wood interior and the outdoors, they just seem to match great together don’t you think?

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  1. The second I saw this home, I resonated deeply with it. Clicked on the SOURCE and low & behold, I now know why: it’s a FINNISH architecture firm!!! Yeah, Finland!!!!!! Being a Finnish-Swedish American, I grew up with Scandinavian Modern architecture and furnishings in the 1960’s and was mad-crazy for their pure/clean designs. Also, it explains the vast open window design, being that Finland is such a dark, cloudy country. LOVE everything about this home and the SOURCE features many design options for the footprint. Nice *pin*, Alex!

  2. Glad to be back, friend. <3 Took some much needed time off, lived through the horrid heat wave of 100+ temps to prepare 5 homes for a garden walk, and am now on the flip-side of Summer! Finally, time for ME! Yahoooooo.

    LOVE your pins, Alex, really I do. And I love when I can follow them back to the SOURCE, which almost always has a lot of deep information. You're the Rock Star of Tiny Homes. ~snicker~

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