Small Cabin with Observation Deck








Relax and let us make your Tucson vacation an exceptional experience.  Rejuvenate your spirit in the privacy and serenity of the Sonoran Desert while enjoying luxury accommodations.  Guests come from around the world to hike, cycle, sight-see and experience our desert beauty and mild climate.  We are entrepreneurs by nature and enjoy the freedom that a self directed path can provide. We had our first date on the island of Kauai and wanted to name our special property to honor our connection to the Hawaiian islands, hence the name Paniolo which means Cowboy in Hawaiian.  So grab a Hawaiian shirt and some slippers and come experience the casual elegance of a Tucson Cabin Rental at The Paniolo Ranch.  Aloha, Jennifer and Robert Hayes – Tucson, Arizona.

More info and photos on this small cabin rental here. Make reservations here.

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  1. Is that a wagon wheel or a ships helm wheel? regardless I’d be a hittin my head on the thing; usafe place!

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