Stackable Dresser Drawers: Great for Small Spaces

Stackable Dresser Drawers

Image: Chigo

These dresser drawers are designed by a Japanese company named Chigo. Good luck getting them here in the USA- or anywhere else for that matter- but I still thought it was worth sharing with you as it could be food for inspiration if you ever decide to build your own furniture as it actually does look relatively simple to do it yourself if you’ve got a little carpentry experience under your tool belt.

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  1. Smart! You could even do individual units that double as benches and stack when not needed. One could be a table with foldup leaves to go with the benches, or be a table base for separate top. If you found a premade basic drawer unit you could get as many as you need and DIY the stacker sides. This is definitely going into the idea file.

  2. Ah but these could be redesigned to utilize the space in between for what ever you would choose to use it as like books.

  3. I think this is a great idea for any one and like Alice and David said, utilize the idea for tables and whatever. For those of us not mobile, they would be good for moving also.

  4. All thoughtful comments. And her I was thinking if this were a DIY and I needed a 6 drawers unit I could make just one. But that’s just me.

    1. Doc, I agree with the DIY but like the idea of the three giving six with the idea of lightness when moving them around. One can purchase the drawer units from any pine shop or wherever and build or have the side leg set up fabricated for them. It is a sweet set up and looks nice, doing that kicks the crap out of ordering from Japan.

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