Sunset Log Cabin


What an adorable little log cabin. Just right for two people to vacation in.

This particular cabin is available as a vacation rental near Lake National Park in southern Oregon.

More info is available here along with rates. You can also see the interior of the sunset log cabin here.

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  1. The Sunset Log Cabin website contains a lot of pictures and a lot of words, but I never could find the rental rates, even when clicking on the rate page. The photos didn’t really show the cabin’s interior very well – they probably wanted to downplay the small space. To answer the question of whether I would want to live in this cabin, I think I could, but I would definitely need to see more and better pictures.

  2. The retreat center looks incredible, but that’s one of the worst web sites I’ve ever seen. Impossible to find concrete information such as driving directions, map, or room rates.

  3. Vacation in? Although TH’s are are adaptable, versatile, and can have many applications, the whole idea behind TH’s is to live in permanent sustainable housing off of the grid.
    Although there may very well have been TH’s through out history in the modern sense of the word TH’s started to become popular in the ’70’s through the Hippy movement and the environmental issues they addressed.

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