All White Tiny Home Interior in Sweden

All White Tiny Home Interior

My favorite designs are ones like this. Tiny house design principles in a small house package.

Sure I like the idea of little houses on wheels but the best long-term solution for me would be something like this.

Still really small but just a bit more spacious, wide and permanent. I’d definitely build a simple cottage like this for myself.

The downstairs would be one large open floor plan besides for the bathroom. And up in the loft you’d have the sleeping loft. That’d be just right for me! How about you?

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  1. I like it beside the sleeping lot. Its getting too hot in a tropical climate and thats what we have here in FL. The white color make it more spacious than it is.

  2. Like you, I love all the variations of tiny houses, but see myself fitting into a small (200-400 sq ft) permanent cottage. Unfortunately, that still falls under the minimum size in my area. For traveling, I have enjoyed teardrop trailers before I’d ever seen a tiny house. Keep up the good work!

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