Sweet Pea Tiny House


Here’s a beautiful little backyard garden cabin that you can use as a guest house, your own house or a hobby house. It looks like it’s probably around 100-150 square feet and it definitely has that rustic look and feel to it while also maintaining that beautiful cottage look. If you want to go inside click here for those photos.

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  1. Saw the inside photos… Frankly, with so much rust and chipped paint and warped wood it looks like slightly decorative decay (and not in the good way). Just my opinion, but if everything is going to look that way it just gives the impression of a decrepit person stuck in time.

  2. Dale: I just visited the SOURCE. ~gulp~ I see EXACTLY what you mean.

    Here’s a quote from the site: “All this old chippy paint, wire ware, zinc and antique iron is making my head spin! How about you?”

    Yes, yes it does make my head spin. Like Linda Blair’s. (LOL)

    I deeply appreciate original finishes and the rustic look but it only shines when CONTRASTED against something else. This collection of rust/chipped paint/worn finishes just reminds me too much of Satis House. 🙁

  3. I love the sweet pea house!! How charming and fun to have something that reflects the best of old times.

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