Tarleton Tiny House Has Great Closet Space


Photo Credit Unknown (Reader Submitted)

The Tarleton tiny house design from Tumbleweed really does have a lot of closet space for a tiny home as you can see in the photo above.

Most people’s biggest challenges when it comes to living tiny is, “where do I put my clothes?”

And the solution is to either downsize extremely or choose a design that’s right for your needs.

In some cases, it’s possible that there is no tiny house design that’s right for you because tiny isn’t right for everybody!

In that case you can always consider a small house, apartment or maybe even a Park Model instead.

But if the Tarleton seems right for you, you can actually order the plans directly from Tumbleweed here.

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  1. Small closets are very handy. There is also a lot of wasted space under beds and at ceiling height over beds that is ideal for clothes storage.

    1. Ditto —agree!!!
      There is a video, I believe on Faircompanies…a single woman in Spain(?)bought a very small apt with an awesome view. She designed a raised bed (maybe just 4 feet) under which she put lovely roll out vertical drawers. They are on ball bearings of some sort and roll out effortlessly. I could even get our clothes in those rolling hangers! I am not going into old age without the downfilled goodies……will keep me warm in the later years!!!I
      I think this is the woman with the dining table built (hidden) over a bathing tub!
      Try to look this up ..I am sure Alex at tiny houses knows of what I speak.

      Yeh more storage!!!!!

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