The Little Red Bungalow: Beautiful Tiny Cottage


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I love the look of this little red bungalow. It’s an amazing looking cottage I absolutely love the style. And it would look great in Florida. Notice the outdoor shower on the right and the classic white picket fence. I’m guessing it’s around 200 square, what do you think?

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  1. It’s gorgeous. I’m not a big fan of tiny houses on trailers for myself. I do understand why some people like the mobility but I like a more permanent feel for my home. This is very nice.

  2. Like S. owne wrote, I’m NOT a fan of tiny houses on trailers for so many reasons. #1 is the sheer lack of width. #2 is the “freeze factor”…I live in snowy, cold, Michigan and that open space under the house would make it unlivable in Winter. #3 is the fact that most of these tiny “moveable” homes NEVER move from where they are located and are ONLY placed on wheels to avoid houseing codes! Now, if there was a huge ground movement of bloggers who actually had photo documentation of moving their tiny mobile home at least every 6 months, then I could get behind the validity of wheels on a home. Just because you call a home “mobile” doesn’t mean it ever moves again from where it landed.

    Alex, I checked out the SOURCE from this posting and had to dig like a March Hare to find out anything about it. It turns out to be from a real estate listing of a community of Tiny Retro Homes, starting in the low $300,000 range. On their ad they have a link to the “Covenants and Restrictions” that the HOA has for living in this new community. From reading so many tiny house postings, this pretty much runs counter to what attracts most folks to tiny off grid living. Pretty design, though. The site never showed floor plans, either. You had to contact an agent to find out more information.

    1. You need not move a trailer mounted tiny house to validate the concept. Once or more is simply an option that validates. Width 8.5 ft is not limiting. Freeze factor? You insulate and can if one chooses ,skirt the sides. My tiny trailer mounted bungalow has seen winter temps well below 15F and stays a toasty 72F or warmer if I feel like it with no issues being cold.
      Whether someone builds on a trailer to allow travel or builds around codes that is of their choosing. Why you think you need to validate the choice of someone building a trailer mounted tiny house is up to conjecture and probably best addressed by your shrink.

      1. Tsk-Tsk. Such a shame, Robert, that you ruined a valid post with petty insults. SMH It shows such lack of allowing for discourse on your part.

        I’m an architect by trade and know codes. A home on wheels places restrictions on it’s build that are above and beyond what a site-built home of the exact dimension do NOT require. I’ve read too many blog posts and seen too many youtube videos of tiny homes on wheels that have the “Oops!” factor, with the builder only discovering their flaws AFTER they have been taken to the road. For a proper wheel home you need to pay strick attention to 1) Width; 2) Complete weight with belongings; 3) Height; 4) Which direction you place your siding seams so they aren’t ripped off by wind; 5) Stability of structural details such as railings, lights, micro-porches so they can take the movement, over the road, etc. NONE of these issues need to be addressed with a site built home of the identical footprint. I have absolutely no emnity toward homes on wheels, if built structurally sound. I guess the proof of that soundness will show itself on I-80 at 70 mph.

  3. I love the look of this little house and it would look great on my future lot (somewhere)! the roofline looks expensive to build but look at the wonderful light the high windows would bring in to what I can only imagine would be the living room (or kitchen?)! I love everything about the way this cottage looks and will daydream about the floor plan to my heart’s content. Must add this to my ever growing folder of prospective abodes. Thanks, Alex!

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