Tiny A-frame Bungalow


I know that A-frames don’t make the absolute best use of space but you just have to love their simplicity.

And they do well in tough weather thanks to their design. Whether it rains or snows these cabins always seem to be able to endure.

If you had or already have your own land would you consider building a simple A-frame tiny house or bungalow like this?

And do you also think that most people who’s names start with A just happen to like these more than others? It has to be true..  😀

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  1. A-Frame homes appeal to me although my name doesn’t start with an A. The appeal is that the side walls are also the roof and that would cut cost of construction. Along the interior of the side walls/roof I think it would be ideal to build cabinets against those walls in which the drawers would be increasingly deeper for each drawer. Not sure if you can buy those cabinets ready-made. This is where the flat TV would work well on a swivel bracket too. I went through an A-frame home and the kitchen was on the side which had a slight bump-out to allow you to work in the kitchen w/o banging your head against the wall. I’d think the kitchen could be along a back wall of the house near the center with storage cabinets along those side walls. The bedrooms upstairs would have the sloped ceiling like those Tiny homes you feature except that there would be more headroom. Again here is where the built-in cabinets with increasingly deep drawers would work well. Maybe I need to look at some A-Frame plans.

  2. i just whant to say that this house is in a small island in portugal called Madeira and the portuguese name for them is “casa de santana”

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