Tiny Cabin with Beach View in Hawaii


This is a tiny cabin (that feels like a treehouse) you can rent located literally right by the beach of North Shore in Hawaii as you will be able to see in the pics below. This is just one vacation I am so in love with (and am probably going to start saving up for to go myself).

As you can see the exterior really fits the setting of a treehouse in Hawaii and I really like how it’s surrounded by all types of trees (avocado, banyan, mango) and black lava rock which makes it feel like the perfect sheltered getaway.

The host of this cabin/treehouse says that some of his guests visit specifically to meditate and do yoga so there is a huge communal yoga deck overlooking the beach on the same property.

The unit itself is 250 square feet and features a very impressive interior which you can see below.


I love this view from the treehouse overlooking the beach (which the host states is world famous for surfing).


Another stunning view of this awesome treehouse below.


Something the host noted that I found interesting is that Hawaii is home to some of the best grown organic foods in the world which locals call “food of the Gods”.

I really encourage you to see the many more photos the host has here as they are all breathtaking and check out the great reviews from the guests that have already visited. Makes me really want to go!

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