Tiny House on Wheels with a Studio Shed and Connecting Porch

Molecule Tiny Homes - Two Tiny Houses Joined by Porch - House and Shed Office

What a perfect way to enjoy tiny house living especially if you work from home. The separation of space for me personally would make me most efficient and I imagine it’s the same for most.

Photos by Molecule Tiny Homes. More info here.

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  1. How does one travel with a tiny homes on wheels & attached shed? This would be great for me, so I can travel with my craft business in the shed converted to studio/workshop, while living in the tiny home, “attachment”. Though I can down size & utilize a good amount, I’d still require alot of space for my many art tools & the supplies used for my self employed business. ***What a way to get my work & biz name passed around too 😉
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  2. As a CDL truck driver you can tow 1, have both transported by a Co., or since the shed doesn’t appear to have wheels on it only travel with the one on wheels and the shed stays at a stationary spot of land and come back to it when not traveling. Just a thought, however 2 vehicles can be moved together by a CDL driver with the shed on a flatbed.

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