The Porter Cottage: A Tiny Modern Cabin with Solitude







Photos by Eirick Johnson. Architect & design by Alex Scott Porter. Originally featured on Dwell.

I find this to be the perfect size for comfortable tiny house living with a significant other. It’s just big enough to each enjoy your own space and not have to bump into each other getting to and from everything but still so small that you hardly have to spend any time cleaning or maintaining.

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  1. WOW! loved this the first time i looked at it. now, cleaning up e-mails, i viewed the source, watched a slide show and read the captions. More WOW! there is nothing to change. love the location, the views, the materials used, right down to the cattle fencing to see through upstairs. a thoughtful design taking advantage of the vistas this property offers from every room. like the water, solar and wast systems. clean lines, simple features, elegant. just wonderful. this is the new american dream. owning tiny on the water! you can count me in!

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