Tiny Rustic DIY House made of Reclaimed Materials in Portland, OR

Tiny Rustic House in Portland OR-02

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Tiny Rustic House in Portland OR-01

This rustic and modern tiny house has its own entrance and private front yard which is gated. The owners built it on their property because they always wanted to build a house themselves and they did it with the help of friends. When you first enter the house you’re in the kitchen, living area and that’s also where the bathroom is. Go upstairs and you’ve got a sweet loft with a queen bed.

It was built using mostly reclaimed materials and furnishings. Some of the wood, trim and shelving came from an old shed that used to be on the property. More “unwanted” wood was harvested from high end construction job sites. Some of the windows came from an old horse farm structure. And the kitchen stove and refrigerator came from a museum.

Learn more, see more pics and if you’re interested you can actually stay in this tiny house.

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  1. An absolutely huge looking tiny home! Great space inside. Perfect style! A real bathroom and a clawfoot hub! Stairs to a great loft! The wife can even stand up there, she’s 5′ nothing. At 6′ 2″ I will have to duck some. 🙂 Great design/decor elements through out. Great private setting with a secluded yard and close to everything.
    Oh yea, and reclaimed everything!
    Great, just great. The only problem, it’s not mine yet!

  2. Hi,
    Michael here from the Tiny House above. Thank you all so much for your nice comments. 🙂 We built the place using as many recycled materials as we could and we would have what we called “Craigslist Hour” where we would list what we needed and search away. We were malleable with what we needed and a lot of times changed design plans at midnight because we found some material that was dirt cheap or super cool that we couldn’t pass up. We were on a serious budget but also working 14+ hour days on the place so we could get it done fast and get back to the default world. We did have to go to the dreaded Home D#$*t but we tried to keep it to a minimum. On the extreme reuse, I had a toilet sitting in my back yard for 5 years and it found it’s way into the Tiny House. Works great! We still work on it all the time as it is like having a big doll house…kinda strange sometimes, actually. Anyway, we love it and are happy to help anybody who might want to make their Tiny House dreams come true. – Michael Papillo and Jenny Yee

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