Tiny Spanish House in Nature

House in nature

Photo by Sascha Preußner

I thought you might also enjoy this beautiful little spanish cottage covered in nature. It’s in such a beautiful landscape and I absolutely love the front door. That really adds a lot of extra touch. To me, with tiny/small houses, those are the little things that make the biggest difference. If we’re going to build small, in my opinion, we may as well splurge on those little things that make us feel good everyday. Like an awesome door, a stained glass window, or anything that just makes you smile.

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  1. Just love it Alex. Those doors remind me of those on the many church’s in Ecuador. I spent 6 months there, and took well over 1,000 pictures. There’s nothing wrong with putting in something into our own TH, if for no other reason but to make us feel good, regardless of the cost. Thanks for sharing.

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