Tiny Treehouse Cabin with a Balcony


I can’t seem to figure out how you get up there but this tiny treehouse cabin with a balcony made my jaw drop this morning. What a spectacular view from up there and I’m a sucker for balconies, too, even though I’m a little afraid of heights.

If only there were some sort of lift to help get us up there, right? Now that would be cool. Because climbing up and down this thing would be the scariest part of it all.


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  1. Well, that sure is a puzzlement! I even took out my magnifying lens to see if there were boards nailed to a tree to climb up but this “climb” looks to be at least 20 feet in the air, based on the trunk size!

    Alex: you know what you need? A “scissor lifts”!!!! These are access platforms that can only move vertically. Beneath the platform, they have a criss-cross shaped supports. A specific type of brand of scissor lifts would be JLG lifts. One advantage of these types of lifts is they often have a fail-safe option for descent that does not require the unit to be powered. They can be returned to the ground via a manual release valve.

    Maybe that IS the way you get into this place?

  2. That little “porch” off to the left side…where the door is…I suspect there is a hatch there and one gets up and down via a rope (or chain) ladder. Unless there is a movable ladder out of sight.

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