Tiny Yurt with Covered Front Porch

Yurt in Oregon State Park

Have you ever thought about living in a yurt? I think it’d be pretty cool as long as you had a nice set up like the one pictured above.

You have a great outdoor space even though it’s really small. Everything’s just as simple as can be. Should be easy to maintain.

Only downfall is I imagine your bathroom and shower facilities are off-site somewhere nearby. What if you had a yurt that was just big enough to have a bathroom? Would you consider living in a yurt then?

I think living in a yurt would be a pretty awesome experience. Especially because even though you don’t get many windows you do usually get a skylight to check out the stars at night. Plus plenty of natural light comes in all day through the dome skylight.

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  1. I noticed that the pictured Yurt is in a state park in Oregon. I would love to find a place in the southeast where I could rent a Yurt to get an idea of living in one. For me, if I ever get a yurt it will go in the back yard as guest quarters and maybe as a quiet place to relax.

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