Treehouse Micro Cabin

Treehouse Cabin

Image: Zegarkus

I’ve always had a fascination for treehouses so I had to show this one which could very well be a functional off grid micro cabin out in the woods. Looks like there may even be space for a sleeping loft up top. I’d prefer to build on stilts than on trees but I still find the concept inspiring and fun.

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  1. I agree about “building on stilts”, Alex. Trees are living things and you have to make constant adjustments to accomodate it’s growth, or risk killing the poor tree. 🙁 Also, sadly, a very strong wind can take down the healthiest of trees; that’s how we lost our 110 year old Sugar Maple. I know it’s age by counting the rings when a Winter Storm took it down.

    Sadly, following The Source netted no more photos of this unit; just tons of photos of tree house exteriors. Still, a very creative beauty.

    1. LOL, I guess you would gain my respect regardless of what name you used. I just read this and didn’t see the name of the person commenting, you were hidden under the scroll. I was so impressed then scrolled up to see who it was as I wanted to acknowledge. I should have known. Just love you girl.

      There was a fellow a while back who noticed all the tree houses being built and had the same concerns about the trees. He devised methods and built hardware to build without harming the tree and to save all adjustments or to do them when happening. I believe he owns several tree houses built on his property. NOTE, I just thought, come on fool, this is Cahow, look this guy up. When I first found him, he was the only one concerned but now, just Google “tree house construction hardware” and see how far they have come. Tons of info in the last couple of years as I am sure it was that long ago. Have a good day my friend.

  2. Just stopping by to say “Hi!”, Ralph.:D Thanks for the head’s up about that tree house man and his concern for the living tree. During Thanksgiving weekend I’ll look him up. Right now, we’re in severe crunch time, trying to finish the outside of several projects we have running before the cold and snow hit us and shut us down for the year.

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