Unique Two Story Tiny Cottage


This is a 19th century tiny cottage in Fredericksburg, Texas. They were originally built with the intention to temporarily house families after traveling long distances for church services.

So essentially they served as inexpensive vacation homes in a way. I really like the front porch with the rocking chairs. There’s something about that to me that’s just so relaxing.

There really are so many ways to use tiny houses. They can be used for business, vacation, worship and so much more.

Why do you want to have a tiny house? And what for? Would it be your only home or would it be for a reason like this? I love the idea of multiple tiny house ownership if one is easily able to.

Learn more about 19th century cottages like this one over here at my friend Kent’s Tiny House Blog post where he originally shared this photo. Kent also publishes the popular Tiny House Magazine which you might also enjoy.

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