Water Recycling Toilet-Sink: Great for Tiny Houses


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Wanted to show you this water recycling toilet-sink design because I think it’s great for tiny houses.

You probably already get it but the neatest part about it is that it recycled the grey water that’s used when you wash your hands, brush teeth, etc and uses that water to flush the toilet.

I think this is genius because it’s a great way to use our current infrastructure (plumbing) and still reduce our water usage.

Another thing I like about this particular design is that it’s still practical.

I just like how it separates going to the bathroom and using the sink where as some other designs aren’t designed as well (see below) where you have to pretty much reach over the toilet to wash your hands (even though this is even more space saving).


Which one would you rather have and why? What are your thoughts on water recycling toilets versus composting?

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  1. Alex,
    Just a question for those that have used these for some time. What are they like to keep clean? I can only imagine that both the bowl as well as the tank would be like the tub when the kids didn’t let the water out when finished. With the “dirty” grey water sitting in the tank and bowl leaving behind the “dirty” part on the porcelain, dirt, soap scum and toothpaste??? I did see one model that used a 50/50 mix of grey/fresh water that may reduce that issue. Thoughts?

  2. Doc makes a valid point, but I’d not thot of that at all. I was wondering how to actually sit on the thing and keep “everything” centered. In this pix on cannot have hips at all.

  3. Although I love the sleek design, I can only imagine how much one of these costs!!

    This one is made by ROCA and only available in NYC:
    Address: 22 West 21 street 5th floor
    Postal Code: 10010
    Telephone: 1 212 243 5400
    Email: [email protected]

    BTW, found a product you can convert an existing toilet into one with the sink in the lid for only $89.
    Tierrapath.com-Water Recycling System for the toilet

    On the water flush vs composting question, it all depends on where the waste water goes. If you’re hooked up to water/sewer, flush toilets are cheaper to buy/install. If you have to haul water and/or empty tanks, then the composting is a better option.

  4. Doc is right. All sinks and toilets need to be kept clean or dirty rings will form on the interior walls. Without sufficient water to properly flush the toilet, nasty stains form in the toilet bowl causing foul odors. Hopefully the creator of the “u” shaped system have a collection bowl under the sink to gather enough water for proper flushing of the toilet rather than a ‘straight- run ‘ flow.

  5. Although I shudder at the thought of not having a sink in the same room as the toilet, to keep the plumbing simple I would probably stick with a composting or incinerating toilet and just wash my hands in the kitchen sink. Can keep a bottle of hand sanitizer next to the toilet, if necessary.

  6. I presently only have a sink in the bathroom, ridiculously large bathroom, very large sink and using it for everything conjures up many disgusting thoughts. However, and I am a slob by nature, that is definitely the cleanest room there ever was it is certainly encouraging me to at least get the plumbing finished in this place. and yes, I do take hot water out to the other area of the shack to do dishes. Even by myself I can’t come to terms with doing dishes in the bathroom.

  7. Very practical…! I like the all in one design. It is the perfect tiny home bathroom & shower all in one…! My hat goes off to the designer…!

  8. Hi ! This toilet with iegrated sink from ROCA is surely the most expensive one in the world…. The heavier and bigger one as well ^^
    Some “adaptable” and “more integrated” french models are now available : seen on http://www.toilet-with-sink.com

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