Who Else Wants to Live in this Tiny House?


Last year one of our readers Johnny sent me photos of his wonderfully self-designed and built tiny house on a trailer which we shared with you on this post over at Tiny House Talk.

Johnny went on to sell the home on wheels to one lucky buyer who today is probably a very happy tiny house owner. Wouldn’t you just love to live in a tiny house like this? It looks and feels so homey, doesn’t it?



If you want more photos and information on this tiny house there are more pictures you can view of the interior including the bathroom right here.

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  1. It is a nice looking build. One thing that strikes me is that the tiny porch should not be where it is. Simply placing a portable platform with steps and an awning to cover the doorway would increase the interior space while the exterior space is not increased as the porch would not be attached to the tiny home. Also if the tiny home is in a somewhat remote setting the awning could be lowered to cover the front door and the awning could be locked down enhancing the strength against break ins.

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